Aug. 2, 2015

SudanPhotoGraphs Vol.2

With Elnour foundation in France, in arabic language: Elnour means the light, as a shed light in addition to physical sense, what makes things visible.
Elnour was founded by photographer Claude Iverné in 2003 as a natural extension of his investments in the territories of Sudan since 1998. An office dedicated to the lighting of territories. Northern and Southern Sudan are at the moment the most represented, as photographers, artists, scientists, writers related to those lands.
Elnour houses a collection of about 12.000 digitalized images from 1890 until now, contemporary and vintage prints. The Library counts about 300 Original books from the 18th Century until now, Fac-simile and reproductions of books, maps and articles from the same period. In this volume 2 you will find full pages photographs, essays from Sabah Sanhouri & Sara Hamza al Jack.