Brief introduction

#OneDayFiction is Sabah Sanhouri's project; to give one day fiction short story writing workshop in several cities in Sudan, the targeted age is youth from 18 to 28 years old include youth with disabilities and youth in prisons.
It has started in February 2016 with a first tour in the cities Ghadaref, Port Sudan, Wad Madani and Khartoum city. The project continued in November 2016 with a second tour in the cities: Atbara, Sinnar and Khartoum. The first tour of the program's sponsors are: in Khartoum was sponsored by Goethe Institute and in the other cities Ghadare, Port Sudan and Wad Madani sponsored by Dal Group and Orange Group Photography. The second tour sponsors: Atbara and Sinnar sponsored by the Italian Embassy in Sudan. Kharoum's workshop sponsored again by Goethe Institute. At the end of the year 2016 a book called "hasad" has been published containes the best short stories that have been written from all the cities. The book printing and launching sponsored by MTN Telecommunications Company.

The project continued to the year 2017 with a third tour at the cities Elobaied, Elfashir and a workshop in Khartoum for youth with visual disabilities sponsored by Dolphine Design Company. The forth tour of the project has just started with a workshop in Kassala city, sponsored by Badr Airlines, with a workshop for youth with hearing disabilities in Khartoum city. An inclusive  book is going to be published contains the best stories written by the participants of the project from the year 2017, the book will be published in Braille language for persons with visual disabilities and Arabic language for persons with sights.