You mean the world to me

You mean the world to me 

And I really mean it 

I don’t need a map 

Or an Uber 

I don’t need Airbnb or Trivago 

I don’t need WiFi or outlet 

Because believe me 

You mean the world to me 

And I really mean it 


I see New York in your eyes 

Oujda in your cheeks 

Szczecin in your lips 

Johannesburg in your neck 

And Fiji in your ears 

Babe, you mean the world to me 

And I really mean it 


When I’m with you 

I just want you 

Don’t say “let’s go for a walk” 

Because I just did on your legs 

And your belly button 

Don’t say “let’s go for a tour” 

Because I just did on your arms 

Don’t say let’s eat baguette or beignets 

Because I just ate your delicious fingers 

Honey, you mean the world to me 

And I really mean it 


Name any place in the world 

And I will point it on you 

French Quarter, Great Wall of China 

Souq Waqif, Nebraska, Reykjavik 

Paris or Times Square  

Rio de Janeiro, or Alp mountains 

Name it and I’ll point it 

On your sweet body of you 

Sweet pie, I told you..

You mean the world to me 

And I really mean it 


Let’s hug each other 

Harder than before 

Let the Aurora and the northern lights 

Mount from us, inside out 

Maybe women from Venus 

And men from Mars 

But I’m from you 

And you mean the world to me 

I really mean it. 


Wolves of La La Land

In a world full of wolves 

You need to do something 
Anything counts 
Whether it’s to move slowly 
Or fast 
Measure your steps 
Breath carefully 
Don’t look deep at things 
Imitate no one 
Wolves are watching 
With bright eyes and eyeglasses 
Holding their “MacBook Air”s 
Wearing white sneakers 
Wolves are no more hiding 
Behind the tall grasses 
They cut the grass 
And shave their legs 
But you have to do some 
To act and interact 
In the world that filled 
Witt wolves 
But was it like this from the start? 
Was there a start 
For this La La Land? 
And still 
Who poisoned the songs? 
Who jailed the melodies of tomorrow? 
Who pissed on the languages? 
Who gave crack to the plastic 
And made it hallucinating? 
But don’t we know the answers? 
Only one word 
But still 
We need to do something 
Or grown back. 

Playwright, play right!

Black swan has a delayed flight 
Looking at the airport’s screens 
Has a stomachache of cappuccino 
And polish its feathers with vaseline 
While putting its butt on the black carry on bag 
Black swan finds its way to a smoking area 
Trying to catch its belated passive smoke dose 
Death wants to get laid 
Sleeping on the next bed 
Smiles naively at me 
Death trying to be cute 
It penetrates my wet dreams 
For the sake of orgasm 
Death feels bored and loneliness 
So it has started a blog 
It’s the only admin 
Death trying to make friends 
So it takes them lifeless 
Cold and rotten   
With no beats or rhythms 
It makes them lifeless 
Like what Lennie or Malkovich did 
At “of mice and men” film 
When he squeezed the little rabbit to death 
Because he loved it so much 
Black swan can’t find more Vaseline for its feathers 
Starting thinking of going trans 
Death at the airport trying to be cool 
And it just about to see a black swan sitting on a black carry on bag 

Not Neruda

Love is not a losing game 

It’s a win-win one 

I won your heart 
You won mine 
I own your heart 
You own mine 
I love you as much as the books 
I wanted to have 
As much as the books on shelves that no one read 
As much as human traces on the earth 
As much as “Climate Change” appears on press 
I love you.. as an atheist just saw a sign of God 
I love you and no one taught me so 
Loving you is the best thing happened to me 
Like winning a lottery I wasn’t expect it 
I felt in love with your eyes 
With your lips 
With your tongue 
With your cheeks 
With your nose 
With your every-single-thing 
As by loving you I’m living in the mania of La Amour 
Oh mon amour.. 
je t’aime beaucoup! 
Dont leave me to the still curtains 
On the dull stage 
Of the one man show 
I’m not Neruda; 
But I love you as how love certainly is! 

United Master-Nations

Full suites 

Black, blue 
Or dark gray 
Decent faces 
Plane lips 
.. .. 
Clean buildings 
Coloured ceilings 
Greek numbers 
X rays 
Peep peep peep 
Peep peep 
.. .. 
In the halls and corridors 
Printed papers 
Behind the glass walls 
Translators interpret lies 
Through the hols of microphones 
Blah blah blah 
Blah blah 
.. ..  
“United Nations” they called 
“United master-nations” I said 
Corruption turn them on 
Diseases and blood 
Hunger and ignorance 
Killing machines 
Boom boom boom 
Boom boom 
.. .. 
They master-nate 
On our rotten humanity 
They squirt 
On our dead bodies 
And they cum 
On our faiths 
Shots shots shots 
Shots shots 
.. .. 
Smile and say “cheese” 
To the cameras of 
The hypocritical media 
Raise their glasses 
Half filled with.. 
American whiskey 
Russian vodka 
Turkish raki 
Swiss wine 
“Cheers” they say 
Cling cling cling 
Cling cling 

Sierra Leone Blisters

All over the skin 
Like diamonds 
Of Sierra Leone 
In the day night 
And the daytime 
Unstable steps 
All over the pavements 
A stalker and a poor child 
Stable steps 
Behind you 
Poor child 
Put it in a cornucopia 
Blisters fall 
Blisters rise up  

The Machine

The machine
Withdraws my osseous juice
Out of my bone marrow
Its convex fangs
Are insatiable
And unstoppable

The machine
Its heart is rusty
With closed slots
Never reached by... music

I dry up
My parts are falling
As leaves of fake trees
Sprout in the city of... Khartoum

The machine
Kneads my spleen
With rust and
CocaCola bottles

I die
Not standing up
But carefully
For the fall season 

Cold Silver Chains

Cold silver chains
Hold my wrists
And gently: squeeze my neck
My chest bones freeze
As the cold chains

Cold silver chains
Goes down on my legs
My legs hair still
The cold chains
Tighten my feet bones

1. 2.. 3...

The cold silver chains
Peel my greenish skin
Like old strippers
In a forgotten night club
Releases urine steam
1. 2.. 3...

Climbing chains upside down
Defying gravity
Black hole
Water filters
Boarding passes

1. 2.. 3...
walk like penguin
Clap your chained hands
Ring ring ring... ring

Tears Cyclones

All melodies are against you
Jazz, Reggae, Rock and Roll
Dubstep or even karaoke
Melodies pull you up
“Will you dance with me?”
It says
No time for answers
Melodies spin on you
Lyrics do the tap dancing
in your brain pathways
Spinning around
Spinning on you
Curtains, wallpapers,
Plastic plants, door bell
All one
Brown, Blue,
Green, Gray
All white
All singers are against you
Digging deep in your tears duct
Round and round
Tears cyclones
All one
All white 

A for Avatar

To where am I carrying you?

My avatar 
Je suis fatigué 
I’m tired of 
Carrying you 
I don’t even want..
to leave my bed 
You my avatar 
Who called me yours? 
And who called you mine? 
Agoraphobia is mine 
I’m hers 
You avatar 
We can use my grandpa’s 
Blow the dust out of it 
And let us find your way back 
Or way come 
It’s never an issue 
I assume 
I told you 
I know how to brush my teeth. 
Don’t touch my hands 
While brushing it 
You don’t help avatar 
You make it heavier than it is. 
You never wish to die.. 
It wasn’t a question 
It’s a statement 
Anyway A 
If you ever did 
I’ll write you a poem 
And I’ll read it every night 
To the wrong grave 
I promise.  

The Ogre And The Bogeys

She has a chipmunk 

A painting of a chipmunk 

Over her pinky baby bed 

She feeds him 

Every day and every night 

She shares with him 

The early morning cornflakes 

Yellow cheese and white butter 

She has a chipmunk 

A painting of a chipmunk 

Over her pinky baby bed 

She tells him everything 

The ogre and the bogeys 

Appear on the National TV 

They run the country 

And ruin it 

She tells him everything 

She is only five years old 

And already has panda eyes of 


She has a chipmunk 

A painting of a chipmunk 

Over her pinky baby bed 

She dreams of utopia  

Where the ogre and the bogeys 

Do not appear on the National TV 

No War no Poverty 

Just Love and Sanity 

She has a chipmunk 

A painting of a chipmunk 

Over her pinky baby bed 

She tells him everything 

And sings to him 

Late night lullabies 

She shares with him 

Her pinky baby blanket 

And never close 

Her pinky baby eyes 

A Telegraph From Misery

Shivers like tsunamis 

Rattling teeth 

Sweat soaking my bed 

Black urine 

What cause such fever? 

I seek answers 

In medicine 

Water so important 

Oh God 

Such an effort to drink! 

I’m melting with fever 

I need to be flushed 

Oh God it’s hot 

Images turn black and white 

Like characters in old films 

Others reveal colours 

With unbearable sound 

And brightness 

My temperature rises 

And so my vision 

Flames flames flames 


Like angry locked dragons 

Am I being tortured? 

Where am I? 

Am I living in the out focus 

Of  photograph? 

My organs are melting 

Without orgasms 

And I’m waiting for answers 

Best regards.  


Have you ever 
Held your breath 
And taken a look at them? 
The traces  
They are everywhere 
Have you seen that coffee 
The one that longed to be 
On the lady’s lips 
And the lips betrayed it 
And left it there 
On the mug’s edge? 
Or the birds poop 
The ones that made the street 
Looks like a starry night 
That you lack the gravity 
While crossing it? 
That orphan watermelon seed? 
You didn’t pass by it once? 
The pretty dying rose? 
That size 45 shoes? 
The one that seems hesitant  
You can tell by the space’s inequality? 
“I love you” 
Written under a bridge? 
A car’s wheel? 
A warm seat in a bus? 
A recent smashed worm? 
Still warm perhaps! 
Water drops from 
The shower? 
Seems like tears 
Dropping from 
The shower’s eyes? 
A used napkin? 
Like your soul? 
Traces follow you 
Follow them in return! 



I missed your voice 

I missed your face

I missed your left angled smile 

Your swinging eye glasses 
I missed the way you say: 
The way you lick your upper lip 
I don’t know if I’m acting dramatic 
Or pragmatic.. bureaucratic? 
Haha! You know me! 
I love to play 
By words... of course! 
* * * * * 
You said you love Destovisky 
I said I love Helsinki 
I didn’t know it’s the capital of Finland! 
Haha! But you loved me though! 
* * * * * 
I want you now 
I want you... now 
You’re my core 
My immortal shore 
You’re my air 
You’re my soil 
So let me grow 
And hand me spleen 
I want you now 
I want you here 
I want you close 
* * * * * 
You said you hate Kim Jung 
I said I hate Samsung 
Haha! And you loved me though! 
But whether it’s Destovisky or Helsinki 
Pragmatic... bureaucratic 
Kim Jung or Samsung 
I want you now 
I want you... now! 

Menthol Death

Rain drops on the eye glasses 
Cold feet 
Rub a hand on another 
A past is a past 
A future is a future 
A present is a snail 
Going no where 
Trees are tall 
And you are tiny 
It’s cold 
But you sweat 
Like insecure pirate 
Whenever you insert 
Your hands 
In your pocket 
You find candy 
Here or there 
The floor is wet 
And so your heart 
Rain drops on the eye glasses 
Take it off 
And suck the candy 
Rain drops on the eye pupils 
It hurts 
But you laugh 
“The wetty heart” 
You mumble 
And mumble again: 
“This is an endless road” 
What you don’t know 
Because you don’t read 
The newspapers 
That you died 
Long time ago 
A candy blocked your throat 
“Was it the mint one?” 
You mumble. 


The Hole In My Chest

I'm so light and empty 
I have a hole in my chest 
perhaps by a bullet 
or a poisoned love 
The hole is growing 
inside my body 
and my soul 
I need to fill me with 
whatever I catch 
with my long arms 
and my tall fingers 
I squeeze the pillow feathers 
drop it inside my heart 
I make balls with 
the lady's cotton 
drop it 
In the now much bigger 
chest hole 
I even squeezed once 
the neighbor's dog 
dropped her
inside the hole 
a cashier guy 
DHL man 
English teacher 
miserable writer 
disordered vegetarian 
I dropped 
a decent man 
orphan kiss 
broken cup 
plastic bottles 
Nokia phone 
BMW van 
Iranian carpet's shop 
a mall 
a continent 
I dropped all that but 
the hole still 
But I am not a surrender 
as long as I 
still have my long arms 
and tall fingers
catching everything 
dropping it inside 
the hole in my chest 
which is perhaps by a bullet 
or a poisoned love. 


And then 

You ask yourself 

What is the point in life? 

The theory of the purpose? 

Why you’re here? 

You don’t know 

You never knew 

Why you’re here 

Is it because you 

Write poetry? 

Oh! I doubt babe 

Because you make delicious 

Pasta zucchini? 

Eh! No 

No no 

Because you’re willing to learn Chinese? 

Maybe! But... 

What about the 

Almost billion Chinese 

Who already exist? 

What the heck...! 


A wise man once said 

Life is not complicated 

So why you bother? 

And why I do!? 

Whether there’s a purpose 

And whether it’s not 

Enjoy the sunset 

Through the airplane’s 

Small windows 

And the sunrise 

The airplane’s window 

Always remind you of a stadium 

A stadium you never visit 

So draw your teams 

White and blue 

Red or green 

And make them all winners 

I know you wish if you’re 

An eagle 

Fly high and high 

Watch the sunset 

And so the sunrise 

But I always doubt 

That you’ll have a serene 

“Eagley” mind then! 

You’d question your identity 

And blame your feathers 


I imagine you 

As an eagle 

Wearing eyeglasses 

With rainbow colored feathers 

With a hidden tattoo 


“Love wins” 

Hey my darling... 

You Only Live Once 


So why you worry? 

Learn your Chinese, 

Write us poems 

Make us the pasta zucchini 

But add some F salt please! 

Before the sun set again.  

Pre-last Poem

I… stand
Near the edge of the balcony
Smoking cigarette with salty tears
I… stare
On the horizon
I… drown my cigarette
In the ginger tea
I… don’t see.

I… stand
Near the edge of the balcony
My thumb under my reddish tongue
I… stare
On the far away ground
Think of the free falling
I… see.

I… gloom
In front of my laptop screen
With no brave
Writing a pre-last poem
I… don’t know.

I… shine
With my pre-last cigarette
A left hand on the keyboard
A right hand on my rose
I… know.

I… know life
Is no longer for desperate
Is longer for no one
My thumb finds its way to a stomach
No longer for me
I… don’t feel
My icy tears
I… don’t exist.

I… hear
Laughter from the horizon
Smells like ginger
And I no longer do
I… am
A free falling
Into the ginger tea
Without a thumb
And an unknown stomach
I… drown.

You… write
The last words
You have the rough draft now
I… count
On your stomach
And my dizzy head
You… you.

I… never
Knew you
Or the horizon
I… knew the ginger
And a stomach used to be mine
I… hate
My pre-last words
The icy tears
I… knew
My insanity
My detachment

I… am
A hybrid
On the ground
Or the horizon
Asking for a ginger tea
And a last cigarette
But can’t stop the laughter. 

In The Love Of Poetry

In the love of poetry
Everything melts and fades
The diplomats
The room 20
The chipmunks
The apple juice
The ashtrays
The universe shrinks
And jumps inside your heart
And the soul?
.. what soul?!
In the love of poetry
You don't need a soul
You need a tongue
To taste
To kiss
To be tempted
In the love of poetry
You're a "PERSON"
Forget that word "HUMAN"
It's a "CLICHÉ"
I love you
Oh.. poetry I mean! 


My Gorilla

The gorilla 
one more time 
getting closer
and closer
towards me 
Putting her eyes 
on my eyes 
her right foot 
on my left foot 
her left foot 
on my right foot 
I feel mine 
crashed under hers 
with a sever pain 
drove me 
to... blink
The gorilla 
surrounding my neck 
with her arms 
my back is being... grinding 
Starting to... squeak 
I am... a chunk of fur 
"Now, how can I 
make my coffee?!" 
I asked her 
she answered 
with a sight of anger
I dragged my right foot 
a step forward 
hardly... I pulled the other 
right foot 
left foot 
I fail... in making coffee 
I hug... my gorilla 
I fall... in my tears.  

Tiny Circles

In the darkness 
oh my love one 
I touch your sweet face 
you... hold my elbow 
and never let 
Let us dance 
just right here 
melt together
hold my hands 
pull me 
towards you 
your heart is beating 
on my left bosom 
your breaths climb me lightly 
you and I 
dancing Salsa 
with the distant melodies 
On the floor
you draw 
tiny circles 
by my body 
my ankle 
hit the table 
you licked it to heal 
and on purpose 
my ankle hit it again 
you lick it 
I... melt on you 
and lost my mind 
I draw 
with my body 
tiny circles 
and love you... 

I Hate My Ex

I hate my ex 

He is a vegetarian 

I am meetarian ! 

He doesn’t eat meet 

I do ! 

He doesn’t eat the poor animals 

But he eats the poor tomatoes 

And potatoes ! 

Poor vegetables don’t have NGOs 

Ah! What a pity! 

I hate my ex 

He loves watching golf games 

I love watching WWE 

World Wrestling Entertainment 

I eat meat, so..! 

It does make sense! 

He doesn’t speak French 

I found it weird 

He hates denim and jeans 

But “You Only Live Once” 

Is his moto 

We found that the eggs 

Are the chickens period 

Disgusting and awkward 

Non fertilized eggs 

He eats omelette 

I stopped  

He hates the color orange 

But he likes sunsets 

And he is agnostic 

He reads criticism 

But he can’t handle a novel 

I found it suspicious 

He wants to have dread locks 

And he has no reggae playlist 

He said he is special 

But he isn’t left handed 

Or Lufthansa! 

I guess I need to stop 

Okay I’m done 

I’m done!  

To Dad

But dad 

I’m hungry 

And our country 

Is no longer our home 

And dad 

Guess what 

No one cares 

About one another 

And dad 

It’s always dry here 

And it’s not even winter

Hey Dad 

Our cat Lolo 

Is no longer alive 

No one has a pet now 

We can’t feed them 

‘Cause we are hungry 

And dad 

I’m afraid as hell 

Or should I say 

I’m afraid as here 

‘Cause here is hell 

Hey dad 

I can’t recognize my brother 

He fades away 

But this ain’t the reason 

I can’t recognize him 

‘Cause I lost my sight 

Dad I’m hungry 

I can’t be angry 

Anger takes energy 

I don’t have energy 

Hey dad 

Do you hear me? 

I can’t raise my voice anymore  


When I was chewing my happiness
Someone did hit me on my back
I puked it; my happiness
And then
I'm well covered by sadness again
With blurry eyes
Seeking for my happiness gum
Which is I know for sure
It's on the floor
In front of me
He is not chewing it now
He is allergic to gums
And can't stand me to have it