Cast of the film:

Story by:            Sabah Sanhouri

Starring:            Hasan El - Sha'ir 

Dop:                   Nour Saadah 

Editing by:        Taki Saadah

Directed by:      Burhan Saadah

Link to the trailer:

The film by Burhan Saadah and it is based on Sanhouri's story Isolation. The film officially screened in 2013 at the French Institute in Khartoum, Sudan. It has been shooted and made in Jordan. Isolation has been involved in many film festivals in the middle east and get several awards.  Check out

Hasan El- Sha'ir the star of the film has described his experience with the work as the very difficult role had ever act since a quarter of century! He said the character was very challenging and unique! Check out the rest of his interview with Elkhaleej newspaper at

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