In June 25th 2021, Sanhouri participated in a panel about Mainstreaming Subaltern Writing. “Can the Subaltern Speak?” With black women writers from South West Asia and North Africa (SWANA) and its diaspora discussed their practice in relation to Gayatri Spivak’s eponymous question-essay.
The panel was moderated by Toronto-based academic researcher and former journalist: Houda Mzioudet, with other panelists include Fatma Emam Sakory and Momtaza Mehri.

The panel was part of Dardishi festival “a Glasgow-based community arts project” with a collaboration with Shubbak Festival “a London-based contemporary Arab culture festival”.
Sanhouri talked about her writing journey and audience, and she reflected on Spivak’s question about can the subaltern speak, and can the muted voices in Sudan speak and be reflected in her writing.

In the 17th of December 2020, Sabah launched and celebrated her novel Paradise in Elfashir city, North Darfur state, at Share Zone hub. The event gathered youth from different backgrounds and stages of writing, where Sanhouri has talked about her career in writing, and her novel.

The discussion went to issues regarding young writers who are digging their ways, the boundaries might face and the craft of writing. They celebrated Paradise and Sanhouri signed the copies for the audience.

In the 5th of February 2020, Sanhouri’s project #OneDayFiction was spotlighted in one of the events of the Africa Alive festival. The project is a series of writing workshops for youth in all Sudan cities, include youth with disabilities and youth in prisons. The project started in 2016 and a book called Hasad which contains the best stories written by the project’s participants was published.

In the event; there was a reading for some of the book stories which was translated into German language for this event. Sanhouri talked about the project in general, the issues and troubles she faced while implementing it, and her experience in general. She also talked about the new generation of writers and the literature field, and publishing issues in Sudan.

In the third of February 2020, Sanhouri did read part of her novel “Paradise” in Arabic with translated text into German language, in a reading event held a title quoted from Sanhouri’s novel which was “The long way to paradise”.

The German translation of Sanhouri’s work was done by the German translator Günther Orth. Sanhouri spoke afterwards about her work and this new novel specifically. The audience were impressed held long conversation with the writer about her unique and original technique in writing.

The festival Africa Alive shows a lot of current African culture. The program offers films, concerts, readings, exhibitions, children's and youth events as well as political podium. UNESCO declared Africa Alive the World Decade of Cultural Development project in 1996. In 2001, the festival became official German contribution to the UN Year "Dialogue between Cultures".

The 2020 version of the festival focused mainly on Sudan, Sabah Sanhouri did participate among other Sudanese artists. In the second of February 2020 a panel held the title “Sudan, to where?”; At the panel Sabah reflected on the power of Sudanese women and youth in leading Sudan’s revolution and making the changes.

In October 22nd 2019, Sabah Sanhouri publishes her first novel “Paradise” with Almosawarat Publishing House. The novel joined the Khartoum International Book Fair, where Sanhouri was available to sign some copies.

The fiction novel was described as dark and different Sudanese novel, also as a huge jump for Sanhouri as introducing herself as a novelist in the literary scene. The novel is available in many bookstores in Khartoum.

Sabah Sanhouri has been invited to participate at the Moroocan Book Fair 'Lettres du Maghreb" in the city of Oujda. The book fair was from 18 to 21 October 2018. The theme of this year editin was "Réinventer L'universel".

Sanhouri prepared a paper about the Feminine Writings in the Arab world but specifically about the Sudanese women writers in the cultural scene since 1940s up to now. And the forum was in 20 October 2018.

Sabah was one of the speakers at TEDxWadMedani 5 March 2018. in Wad Medani city, Sudan. This confrence theme was "We Love Our Home". Sanhouri's talked about "Pursuit Fiction".

She talked about her life experiences in the writing track and the cultural scene in Sudan, she also talked about her project #ONeDayFiction. Sabah influenced lost of the youth and she keeps doing that.
The link to her talk below:

In 8 February 2018, Sabah was hosted by Jazz Cafe in Khartoum, Sudan in a poetry reading night event. She did read some of her poetry with a musical background composed by the Sudanese musician Obada G. Gabir.

She did fourteen poems in two parts of the night. She started the first part with her poem "A Telegraph From Misery" ended up with her "Pre-last poem", and continued to the second part started with "The Ogre And The Bogyes" and at last her piece 'YOLO".

In the 20th of April 2017, Sabah Sanhouri published a book named "Hasad" it means "Harvest" in English, the book is a harvest for the first year of her project #OneDayFiction, the book contains the best stories from the first & second writing workshops tours in six cities in Sudan during this first year of the project, the cities were Ghadref, Port Sudan, Wad Madani, Atbara, Sinnar and Khartoum city which had two workshops.

The printing and launching of "Hasad" were sponsoring by MTN Telecommunication Company, MTN celebrated the book and the project during its April MTN Forum, the launching was at Elgunaid Cultural Center. There were three speakers at the launching and they were:
Mr. Elhadi Radi "Writer"
Mr. Ahmed Abu Hazim "Writer & Critic"
Mr. Nazar Yagoub "Artist & Photographer"

The speakers spoke about the project #OneDayFiction, the shhort stories in the book which written by the workshops participants from the six Sudanese cities, they also speak about the relationship between the art's geners and how the project works on this so deeply.
The event started with pure original music from the musician Mr. Ramiz Siraj and his crew, and ended up with the DJ Mr. Assim Sirdab while the participants were signing the books for the audience.

In the 26th of March 2017, the Sudanese Club in Geneva, Switzerland hosted Sabah Sanhouri to hear her read from her work and to also negotiate with her topics relating to the writing process and the cultural scene issues.

The conversations was very interesting and rich. Sanhouri did read from her book "Mirrors" and from her new upcoming book "Anatomy". She talked also about her project #OneDayFiction and how the new generations have such talent in writing fiction in particular.

Sabah Sanhouri was one of the jurors of University of Khartoum Short Story Competition which its winners announcement was at 1st February 2017.

The entries were in Arabic and English. Sanhouri did choose the first award winner of the Arabic entries which was the story "Burn' by the student: Roua Yassir, and the winner of the English entries was the story "Ha-yoon" by the student: Roba Osama.

In th 1st of October 2016, Sabah had a reading night event at The Sudan Club in Berlin, Germany. She did read from her new new book "Anatomy" which she is still working on it.

The audience enjoyed and impressed by the new technique of the book and the technique of Sanhouri's writing in general. There was a discussion about the gener of the new book which is not common; not short stories nor novel nor poetry. The conversations were extremely rich and fruitful.

Sabah Sanhouri has joined on the 6th of April 2016 a Portrait of Franz Kafka which was organized by Goethe Institute in Khartoum, she and the journalist and actress Mashair Abdulkarim with the German pianist Enrico Ille made an artistic portrait about Kafka's story: "In The Penal Colony". Ms. Mashair did read the story using her fabulous talent of acting, and Ms. Sanhouri played a third person narrator role; speaking about Kafka, his life, his style and this story in particular.

Mr. Ille played music of a great musician lived also in Prague same as Kafka and not only the city but he lived in the same neighborhood of Kafka and had a mutual friend but even so they never met! This musician is Leoš Janáček, a Czech composer, musical theorist, folklorist, publicist and teacher. He was inspired by Moravian and other Slavic folk music to create an original, modern musical style.

Sanhouri has been invited to PEN International conference of PAN Africa Network in Johannesburg, South Africa 7th March 2016. The conference took place in Witts University.

The conference went through many topics about African writers situation, African Literature and Writing in African local languages.

In 12th of February 2016 Sanhouri's film Isolation moved to the state of Ghadaref, Ghadaref city! Shoroug Cultural Forum organized a screening night for the film in its temporary residence,

The secretary of Shoroug Cultural Form Ms. Tamador Hasan did read the story to the audience with Sabah Sanhouri, and the reading was so interesting!
After the reading the film has been displayed followed by discussion and questions between the audience and Sanhouri.

In the 17th December 2015, at Elgunaid Cultural Center in Khartoum, there was a second screening for the film Isolation which is based on Sabah Sanhouri's Tayb Salih winner story. The film directed by Burhan Saadah and starring by Hasan El-Shair. The event wes honored by a speech from his Excellency Mr. Fabrizio Lobasso the Italian ambassador to Sudan, the writer Mr. Abdulghani Karamallah and the cinematic Mr. Talal Afifi, also a word from the French Institute in Khartoum by Mr. Omer Osman.

There were a lot of people from the Cinema and the writing field which made the night very fruitful and special, speaking about the text and converting it from being written to seen.

At the Excellence Center in 30th of May 2015, there was a forum held by Bridges the cultural magazine of Dal's group. Sanhouri was one one of four penalists in different parts/geners of writing.

As a fiction short story writer; Sanhouri prepared/presented a paper for the panel to encourage people to write and to give them quick tips in writing's prosses.

She was speaking about Art of Short Story. The audience were so enthusiastic about the paper.

In Doha Qatar 21st of March 2015, Sanhouri was invited by the Women Association's panel about the literature of feminist and feminine literature. The term and the concept issues.

In Doha Qatar 21st of March 2015, Sanhouri was invited by the Women Association's panel about the literature of feminist and feminine literature. The term and the concept issues.

In Doha, Qatar 20th of March 2015 the Day for Reading cultural group has made a night for Sabah Sanhouri to debate, discus and sign her book Mirrors.

There were many of those who are interesting in the cultural field and the new movement of writing.

The discussion hosted and leaded by mr. Mohamed A Manhal.

In the 29th of January 2015, at the French Institute library, Sabah Sanhouri did a signing night for her short stories collection book "Mirrors" which has been printed and published in Cairo, Egypt by Merit Publishing & Printing House in 2014, with a cover paint by the artist Salah Elmur.
Sanhouri did read couple of her stories with a music background by the musicians: Mostafa on Guitar and Mohammed on Cello.
The speakers of the event were:
The critic Dr. Mostafa Elsawi
The acadimec and the head of Ghada Award prof: Asha Elsaid
The writer and journalist Mr. Yasir Faiz.

The audience inside the library or outside who watch and listen from the projecter screening; did enjoy the reading and the speech, and there were a very good discution about the writing process, and the uniqe writing style of Sabah Sanhouri whom did sign her book for her audience and fans.
The photos of the event taken by the photographer: Mohammed Ali Bakur

In the 21st of October 2014 at the Common of Kirkwood Community College, with a hosting by prof: Scott Samuelson. Sabah Sanhouri had a reading day from her work.

Considering the big alternative audience; Sanhouri read in Arabic and English languages. There was a very strong long discussion after the reading.

With a fellow from the International Writing Program Bernice Chauly from Malaysia and a NWP MFA candidate & Literary Translation MFA Beatrice Smigasiewicz; Sanhouri had a reading day at Prairie Lights book store in Iowa, US

And that was in the 19th of October 2014. Sabah Sanhouri read some of her translated works in English Language.

With fellow writers from the International Writing Program: Auguste Corteau "Greece", Heekyung Eun "South Korea", Ahmed Shafie "Egypt" and Yeow Kai Chai "Singapore", Sanhouri has participated in a panel about Writing as recovery and that was within Iowa City Book Festival.

The five writers were speaking about writing as recovery, an exploration of the challenging, sometimes therapeutic. Act of writing through trauma, pain and/or loss.
The panel took place in the Mid West One Bank in the 4th of October 2014.

Sabah Sanhouri and fellow writers from the International Writing Program: Bernice Chauly

Sabah Sanhouri and fellow writers from the International Writing Program: Bernice Chauly "Malaysia", Omar Pérez "Cuba" and Franca Treur "Netherlands" visited Bard Early College in New Orlians, US.
They were speaking about the writing and yotupia. That was in Fall 2014.

In the 22nd of September 2014, Sabah Sanhouri was speaking to the International Literature Today's class students. The class was in the University of Iowa leaded by prof: Natasa Durovicova. Sanhouri was speaking about her experience in writing.

In the 22nd of September 2014, Sabah Sanhouri was speaking to the International Literature Today's class students. The class was in the University of Iowa leaded by prof: Natasa Durovicova. Sanhouri was speaking about her experience in writing.

In the 2nd of September 2014 Sabah Sanhouri joind a class of the ambassador mr. Ronald K. McMullen at Schaeffer hall in the University of Iowa.

She was speaking and answering the student's qusetions about Sudan, the literary life, literature motion in Khartoum, being a female writer in Sudan, the effect of being a mixure of Afro Arab, and Sanhouri's finger print in writing.

In the 22nd of June 2014, Sabah Sanhouri was invited to participate in the book club of the US emabssy in Khartoum, a panel regarding the theme of the month was

In the 22nd of June 2014, Sabah Sanhouri was invited to participate in the book club of the US emabssy in Khartoum, a panel regarding the theme of the month was "US constitution - the different branches". Sanhouri was a pinalist with Lane Bahl "political officer, US embassy", with moderator: Ron Hawkins "public affair officer".
The book of the month was: "Democracy, An American Novel" by: Henry Adams. The panel was at Omdurman Cultural Center, Khartoum, Sudan.

In 12th of December 2013 at the library of the French Institute in Khartoum, Sabah Sanhouri displayed the film that based on her story "Isolation" and carry the same title. The film has been shooted in Jordan, directed by Burhan Saadah and starring Hassan El Sha'ir.

The French Institue published a booklet contains Sanhouri's story "Isolation" with English translation by Najlaa O Eltoum & Max Shmookler, and French translation by Iman K Satti & Delphine Gayrard. The book has been distributed to the audience with no charge and Sanhouri did sign the booklet for the audience.

The audienc were so interested by the adaptation of the story Isolation, there were many of critics, journalists, writers, film-makers and people who interest in the cultural field and the literature in the eyes of cenima.

Sabah Sanhouri won the Tayeb Salih Award first edition at 6th April 2009 with her short story "Isolation". She was the talk of the media regarding her young age that time almost 18 years and 4 months and she got the good reputation award on its first competition edition.

The jurors said that the story is full of symbolic, strangeness, and well captures the deepest sides of the human beings. and it is a real filming for the Isolation in its real meaning and feeling.

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